implore the inner you


The most fundamental aspect towards achieving success in any field is winning the inner battles within you. Your greatest enemy is you and you are the only one who will prevent yourself from achieving your goals and becoming that better person. Implore the inner you and nothing will stop you from getting where you are going.

I remember, one week into the network marketing business, I felt like giving up. They had promised me riches, more money, a good life, financial freedom, time freedom and may more promises, I tell you after I got out of that presentation I was fired up and all I wanted to do is join the opportunity. Four months later I did do join the company and bam! Reality knocks and I realize that there is nothing like quick wealth, there is work to be done.

All i wanted to do is quit. One day after a long afternoon of contemplation I walked out of the training center and convinced myself that this was not the only channel through which I could make it. there are so many ways to kill a rat, I would say and as I walked through Kimathi streeet( a street in Nairobi Kenya) I remember saying, ‘Oh! i wanted to be a writer anyway so if this does not work for me then God will bless my art.’ I tell you I was broken, I saw no hope in this so called opportunity, I just wanted to do away with it. However, something kept me going, and that was my inner self.

Outside I appeared broken and lost but inside I knew I could not bear to stand up the embarrassment of loosing a battle. This was a test, something told me. I remember one evening I was chatting with a classmate of how after school I would establish a ranch from scratch and how I will be successful in future, living the lifestyle of my dreams.I told her so many things and when a small business opportunity came my way i was almost giving up on the first day. was I for real?!

When things get tough and the only feeling you have is to give up and quit, implore the inner self to inspire you to keep on the journey. It is only you that can save you from a fatal fall.

When you are about to give up. #1 Remember your ‘WHY’.

When you are about to give up while pursuing your dreams or running a business you have just started and you haven’t experienced any results or you are studying and everything seems not to go as you planned remember your ‘WHY’. The reason that motivated you to rise up in the morning and hit the gym should be the reason that should motivate you to keep on in your journey to keeping fit. Many people forget why they chose to make that resolution and focus majorly on their setbacks which will ultimately lead them down the road to failure. So before you give up number one remember your ‘why’ , your reason for taking that step.

I want to give you a bit of my story before we move on. I remember on 21st of August last year, I was introduced into multilevel marketing with the hope I will be successful in a very short period of time. Oh! yes I was convinced I will be very much transformed as the other individuals had done before me and be that dream dude every girl desired in a very short period of time. However we are talking five months ago, that was my perception then, but to be frank I had made nothing much. my up-line had ‘forgot’ to prepare me of what I was to expect but I wont  blame her, that was how she was trained to do and be but I am a believer to the idea of choosing your own path. The future is yours take it. EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN LIFE IS YOURS TO FIND AND CREATE.

After two months all I wanted to do was quit. I became stagnant, I did nothing to improve my business, I became depressed, I lost all hope but fortunately inside me a small voice kept me going. I lost all the excitement i  had and all that remained in me was an empty hollow of uncertainty. I was about to opt for other opportunities and be free from this ‘yolk’ and live my life really but,somehow i survived this stage. My ‘why’ kept me going and am happy that I am still on my road to destiny.

I overcame my weak self and grew into somebody really strong. I decided to tell everybody I had approached and all my relations that I had quit doing business but I knew it inside of me that success was looming in the horizon. With them knowing that I had lost my faith I knew that they will support me as I did my research on multilevel marketing secretly. In my mind I was prepared to face my battle and win in the end whatever comes may. I decided to train myself via the internet and that is how I found a solution to my peril, internet marketing through Facebook Messanger. INTERNET MARKETING is the thing this days. people are growing their businesses online and they are making a lot from it. Sometimes I wonder if I had chosen to give up, would I have discovered such an amazing channel? That’s for you my reader to ponder.

Today I presume I have intrigued your inner self to think of the many possibilities you have in life. Before you choose to give up think about yourself as a success story in the process of being written. Funny though, do you know that you can use Facebook live to promote your bisiness online? Yes you can! What i discovered in my healing process really made me excited about the prospect of me becoming  successful in life. I feel good everyday and I no loner depend on external motivation to do anything, i motivate myself. My dreams make me wake up early in the morning feeling confident and happy. I just feel inspired to be great and I believe that God, my hard-work and faith will make things happen in my life. Before you give up, take sometime and revisit your ‘WHY’.





The way I lost the ‘excitement’

I was introduced to network marketing a while back and I was really excited about what it would do to my life. I wanted money for sure I needed it, but I got no way of generating some. When this lady popped the idea of being a sole entrepreneur and making it big in the system I was overwhelmed and mesmerized all the same. This deal seemed to good to be true! Had I the money at that moment men I would have joined without further a do.

However I had none, four months of consistent followup made a change in my thinking and I had to look for the start-up capital and kick start my journey to success. After four months I got the money and an excited gentleman got a horror he didn’t expect! Wow, it all started with the first month me signing up one dude into my system, I made 4100 Kenyan shillings, the last I would make in five months. Then I had to battle with emotions, I wanted to quit, I wanted to stop doing this trade, I wanted to go back to my quiet life, but I had invested some money!

That kept me going but I had lost my excitement anyway, I had lost it. Today am in my journey to reclaim that excitement and make a living as an entrepreneur or I become another loser that couldn’t keep up with the challenge.