Living beyond the naysayers.

I overheard a conversation once between a business partner and his team and what he said really changed my thinking and I felt motivated to do what I was supposed to do with much more strength and valor. He said, ” Many of us tend to fall in love with our dreams and not the process. It is only when we fall in love with the process that our dreams may be achievable.”

Something in me was tapped and I somehow thought about that statement for the next four months before reality knocked and I chose to make my hands dirty by working hard. I knew from the beginning when I started my network marketing business that it wasn’t going to be easy to make it to the top. To be honest I wasn’t prepared for the challenges but along the way I became stronger and stronger till nothing could shake me off from my path to success.

Let me take you back to my days before I even knew the existence of any network marketing opportunities. I was a student and still I am, at the University of Nairobi taking a bachelor’s in arts majoring in Linguistics and Communication. My friends used to laugh at me when I was pushed to say what I was studying for as they saw what I was doing as something weak and won’t lead me anywhere. Many of them were doing diploma courses at local private universities and they viewed what they were doing as greater and more marketable than mine. One friend of mine even influenced me to change to economics which I almost did but after talking to my brother about it, he told me not to change my path. I was enthralled by his reaction when I told him I had not done what he had advised me to do.

I chose not to listen to them, I knew I wanted to be a writer and that was what I was talented in. I went in back in time and remembered how I moved people with my writing and left them with nothing to say and that really motivated me. It was in that same year that I begun my unfinished book ‘In the Morning Sun’.

If I had listened to these people maybe I won’t have been here writing my blog. Funny isn’t it how people want to control you with their ‘wise’ opinions and advice yet they themselves are not remarkable people to follow? I don’t mean it that you don’t listen to what other people are saying but my advice is you sieve everything you are told and select the beneficial ones. People are dream snatchers and if you are an ambitious person like me I know you know what am talking about. People don’t want you to be greater than them that’s a fact, but you have to live beyond the naysayers as they will drag down the gutter with them. Learn to follow your dreams and not what people put in front of you, be strong and live your life to greatness.

Business World weekly Review: Introduction; entrepreneurship is key to our lives in the 21st century.

The world is moving first and entrepreneurship is the solution to the world mysteries. Almost every invention that human beings create is based on its marketability. I am not a business expert but i am  an observer. The world is transforming technologically and the world that our fore fathers lived in those day is not the world we live in today. Introduction of smartphones, laptops, tablets and many more technological innovations has boosted communication and how people interact with each other. Human Interaction has been reduced to apps in our handsets and communication can move faster now compared to those days our parents were our age.

my name is Jeremy Kamwaro the author of Business For Us and an entrepreneur in the network marketing industry. i will be taking you through a weekly review of the business world every Thursday same place same time. We will be talking about the great innovations and business ideas that have taken place every week. And also we will be highlighting some of the worldly challenges that entrepreneurship can tackle. FEEL FREE to subscribe via email to get a weekly update of our blog. and also share this blog after reading and lets get the word out there that entrepreneurship is the solution to the worlds greatest perils.

One on one with The Spirit: God loved us so much that he brought us a solution; the Baby Jesus

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.                                                                                                                                                                                                        John 3:16

Before the coming  of Jesus the son of God to ameliorate us from our sins we were a problematic society filled with sins and people following the mosaic laws but God had a soft spot in his heart for us. The advent of sin begun when Eve was deceived into eating the forbidden fruit at the garden of Eden by the Serpent. It is said that that caused enlightenment in the eyes of human beings that they realized they were naked, symbolically that means they gained wisdom to know good and evil and their disobedience to God was the beginning of their downfall. (Genesis 3)

God got really angry and banished man out of the luxurious life of the garden of Eden and send them out to till and toil in the land and eat from their sweat (Genesis 3:17). He even cursed woman to feel pain at  childbirth and cursed the serpent to crawl on the ground to eat dirt. We may be familiar with the part where he cursed the relationship between the serpent and woman and her offsprings (Genesis 3:14-16). However, did that end the love he has for us? No! he made them cloths from hide to hide their nakedness.

During the time of Noah, when the people had turned against him and their transgressions worthy to be solved by wiping them out using a great flood, God still made Noah build an arc and he saved a piece of humanity(Genesis 6:9-22). What does that tell you? That even though God is angry with us and wants to punish us, he sends us a warning first then a solution after which he brings down his wrath.

God send Moses to save the Israelites while they were in the hands of the pharaoh of Egypt. He had heard their cry and wanted to take them back home in Israel(exodus 3:7 going down). He wanted to save his chosen people but didn’t they forget about him while in their journey and worshiped a golden calf? yes they decided to make one and worship it(exodus 32) Surprising how god works, he still forgave them anyway.

All the same God has always loved us that’s why he brought Jesus his only son to bring us salvation in our time of need. He confirmed this during his baptism when he said:

“This is my son, whom I love;with him am well pleased.”  (Matthew 3:13-17)

We needed to be saved and through the blood of Jesus we received the key to salvation. Salvation was made individualistic and the world rejoiced when the son of man conquered death and ascended to heaven. Surely God loves us that,s why he sent us a solution and that is  Jesus Christ the son of man.

Hope you have been motivated that even though we think God does not care about us, remember he does. He watches us from his throne in heaven and really cares about us and can do anything to come to our aid. He is loving, he is compassionate and there is no other like him. He is our father and loves us in a way that we sometimes might forget. Our god is always there for us, so I encourage you my reader in your moment of doubt, call upon his name and for sure he will answer you.

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INSPIRATIONAL MONDAY: What you need to know about yourself.

Once I was a young boy just fresh from high school, broke and really confused not knowing what to expect from the life out there. My father was waiting for me back home for he was the one herding his sheep and he really needed a hand for that task and I was the only qualified candidate. It was an interesting job but man you had to stand the whole day and watch the livestock feed and do nothing else and that really bored me sometimes. Especially during the rainy days and all you could think about is, ‘When is it going to rain harder so that I find myself in front of that fire and dry as I down a cup of tea and munch at anything that was cooked for lunch?” The thought of going to become a shepherd made me desire to go back and restart my secondary schooling.

However I had no choice but get out of my brother’s house the following day, mount the only bus heading for home and start a life away from the school system. I did herd for three months that was from November fifteenth 2014 to almost the beginning of March 2015. It was a long challenging period but I came through it at last when the whole flock of sheep was sold and I stood at our metal gate hands akimbo wondering what to do next.

I wanted money to cater for my small demands so I sat in my room and thought of what I will do to create an income stream for myself. I pondered about  many things from, becoming a teacher in the local private primary schools, start a business or farm. I weighed my options and decided to get out and walk towards the river that was situated at the lower side of my father’s ten-acre piece of land. It was while I was deep in thoughts that i saw some potatoes, mature enough to be planted poured under a tree, and a small strip of land left a just there for the taking. To be sincere my mind started racing and I decided to approach my mother who gave me what I wanted without question. She fitted into my shoes and the following day even before informing my dad I started tilling the land in preparation for sowing.

I was an amateur and I had never farmed before. Funny that my father has been  farmer besides being a clergy man of a high rank in his church and he had never involved me in farming to help me in becoming experienced in the field. I just started the journey using the knowledge I gained by watching others do it and after four months I made my first income as a farmer. I harvested four sacks of potatoes and made KSH 8000 which I spent responsibly. I was happy at least I had made value of my time.

So what is it that you have to know about yourself from that story? 

I was trying to show that you are the solution to your own perils and problems. Nobody is going to save rather it is you to see what you are going through and face through your challenges. I did solve my money problem then and it really helped me in my personal development for I grew up into becoming a better responsible person in the coming days. Once you get deep inside yourself in that moment of helplessness, I know that you will find a solution to your peril. You are the soldier to fight your battles! bottom line.

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when you are about to give up. #2 Remember the dreams you have to accomplish.

When you are about to give up. #1 Remember your ‘WHY’. Yeah that is the first fundamental principle you have to remember. Also it is important to remember that you got this amazing dreams that you want to achieve in life and they are the pinnacles that hold you to do all you can to be successful in life. Every great individual in every field inspires us to dream big and become limitless by not settling for less. Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Silvester Stallon, Eric Worre, Cristiano Ronaldo, name them, they all had dreams and it is those dreams that get them off their blankets in the morning to pursue. It is ingrained in their minds that in order to be successful you have to dream big and act big.

I am a networking entrepreneur and I love sharing my story in the context of my Profession. when I started my business a while back, my up-line made me write down my dreams on a piece of paper and meditate about them. Yeah I had big dreams before network marketing and I followed the unprecedented law of the Bible of confessing my dreams to the world which I did with so much passion. I had faith I will realize the dreams and nothing and no one would tell me different. Oh! Yes I wanted that lifestyle, the kind I watched people in music videos and movies living. Posh cars, beautiful homes, expensive clothes and shoes and many more things that a luxurious life would offer. I still do desire this things but currently am enjoying the process of making things happen.  You have to make things happen in the end of the day or dreams will just be dreams.

So i went to my laptop, got into Microsoft Powerpoint and did this amazing presentation of me and what i wanted and saved it. That was my dream board and I felt reassured that having a mentality that I will become successful will drive results straight to me. First month, second month, third month, fourth month, no results! I felt like letting go of this vague reality I had created  and go back to the simple life I was living as a student. I would tell myself OF how I will study, find a job and live like every other individual in the free world. However I couldn’t do that. Something kept tagging me to keep fighting, to keep pushing, to keep on walking for there was hope in the end of the tunnel for me.

That thing that kept me moving was my dreams. Your dreams will give you a purpose. believe in them, get involved in massive action and I promise you you will be limitless.