Network marketing for sure is not perfect but it is a better way for the average person to flex his or her entrepreneurial muscle


To many of us in the business, we are conversant with the reality that  the whole world is skeptical to the whole concept of network marketing. The thing is they don’t understand that successful people think in terms of networks when it comes to creating their wealth. That’s why Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad  endorses network marketing as it changes the belief that we can stick to a fixed  income channel and decide to form a network to leverage our income with.

This is for sure not the only business venture that an individual can be involved in. The world is filled with viable opportunities to bring a meal to the table and turn our lives around. I know for sure of people who have made it big in the traditional type of business and have become forces to reckon in society. I know of a villager back at home who owns a series of investments and that has given him a life he always dreams of. I know of a lawyer who has made it big in his life and lives a lifestyle to dream of. Farmers have made it, engineers, footballers, musicians, many people have made it through other channels however, if you are struggling to pay your bills, had dreams that currently you don’t want to see them in your mind, want to make an impact peoples lives, why not network?

I know that many of us out here don’t really believe that networks work. Many of us know of MacDonald’s as it is a global company with a chain of stores all around the world. Domino’s is also global. Many supermarket brands have a chain of networks obviously if not globally nationally. All this are examples of networks that successful companies use to make it big in the game.

An average person does not have the man power or capabilities to star and run a global company all by himself or herself. one it is because he money required to do this is immense; two,it requires a lot of skills and knowledge to do this and lastly it needs so much of your time and attention to be a chain of businesses. however, an average person still has an option of experiencing and enjoying the power of having networks. Network marketing  is for sure a better way to do this though i wont say it’s perfect, it is the easiest way for an average person to flex his entrepreneurial muscle. some of the reasons i endorse it are these:

  1. The initial investment is affordable.
  2. You will be promoting a company’s products and services you don’t need to create your own product
  3. You can use network marketing as a way to leverage your business.
  4. There is possibility of creating a passive income.
  5. No skills are required to start a network marketing business. people learn as they grow.
  6. You can work part-time alongside your other activities.
  7. It is flexible as you can work from anywhere
  8. It is risk free as everything is taken care of by the company all you need to do is share by word of mouth the products and services.
  9. You got the support of the company and your colleagues.


With that i rest my case. Ponder about that.




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