“Make your dreams your only choice” Sylvester Stallon

Long before Sylvester Stallon became a name to reckon in the movie world, he went through a lot to get a shot as an actor in Hollywood. Nobody believed he could act let a lone direct films to blow the world. He spent all his money trying to pursue his dream, broke up with his wife and later sold his much beloved dog when things got tougher.  However it was worth it for now Sylvester Stallon is a living legend. He had a dream, he made a reality for him.

What are some of the takeaways from his story:

No means yes. 

You should not allow rejection make you give up. It  is a challenge to be overcome and also face through it with enthusiasm. Lack of enthusiasm is a killer.

You can do it.

You should know that the world meets nobody halfway. You have to work hard, go through the whole process towards success which is a journey and make it there. This is your responsibility, to make things happen for you. Don’t allow everything to be done for you for you wont learn.

If you want it you have to take it. Period!

“Go in there and try, you can win, even if you loose you loose like a winner. you did it with dignity. you can do it.”

Sylvester Stallon

Take control of your life.

When in doubt believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will.

Listen to your gut

It is your right to listen to your gut and do what you want to do and get where you want to be. You brain is programmed in such a way that it can give you direction to what path you should be following and where you need to go. Listen to it and follow your heart

Impossible is nothing

Miracles do exist through hard labor and dedication. The idea is you should believe you can do it and the magic will happen then. You should work hard and never stop till you win.

Leave your comfort zone.

Getting comfortable and lazy is a disease that hinders achievement. If you want to make things happen, wake up from the couch and go grinding

Make your dreams your only choice.

First and foremost know what you want to do in your life. Identify it, then don’t allow rejection hinder you from achieving your dreams. Make your dreams your only choice.

Your current situation should not be the reason to allow your dreams to go away. Keep trying till successful.

As a form of revenge to your naysayers, write down everything they tell you then when successful read it out to them.

Know what you want and get committed to it. Massive actions brings massive results. Remember, there is always a way when you get committed, you just have to change the approach.

Lastly, keep moving forward. don’t stop, don’t look back.

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