All the great inventors, scientists, lyricists, poets, teachers and all other achievers in our world, begun with a thought. It is this thought that intrigues interest, then pushes one to act. Success comes from action then disappointment, resilience, persistence and lastly determination to keep on going.

Success consists of  going from failure to failure without lose enthusiasm

Winston Churchill

whatever you have in your mind that you presume is worth a trial, don’t fear to make it a reality. God himself made fear a sin. so let no man make you shy to transform your ideas into reality, you may never know, it might transform to more than your meal ticket in future.

know what you want and be determined to stand by that desire until you realize it.

Napoleon Hill.

Many people are struggling financially and emotionally in our world not because they lack the resources to change their lives, it is because they are not courageous enough to take a leap of faith and pursue that purpose.

Truly thoughts are things and powerful things  at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, patience, persistence and a burning desire for the their translation into riches or other material object   

                                                                                        Napoleon Hill.

It is what we desire in our hearts that will intrigue us to run towards that particular goal.

Have a desire, chase that desire and become an achiever. Think and grow rich.

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