People have different perspectives about education. They view it as the process of going to school, sit in boring lessons till you graduate then, it all ends there. However this is a very ignorant approach to education (what i call learning)  for it involves something greater than the school system.

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

 John Dewey.

You see, many people in our world just chase good grades, that will  land them that  ‘dream job’, or take them to that  ‘dream school’ that is ranked at the top and not understanding. You know understanding can and will take you to places , for the principles learnt can be applied with ease and much importantly precision. The chasing of results in our school system is what leads to this queer process: go to school-get good grades-find a job- work till you retire-wait for pension-die broke and full of debt with a lot of recognition by society.

This is sucks.

Life is all about learning and applying, repeat 

The learning process is long and boring and excruciating, but it is a process not the results quick type. Me waking up and researching about how to monetize my blog, or grow my audience of readers, then applying it, that’s education to me. Why? because it shall lead to my gaining a revenue from my blog, I shall get noticed on the global space and at least in the end of the day it shall pay off till forever.

An investment in knowledge is what pays the best interest

                                                 Benjamin Franklin

It is what I learn daily and apply is what will lead to my progress. You too should not fear to invest in knowledge, it pays the best interest. Find a passion, learn more about it, master it, then use it to help you in your life.

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education is the key to success

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