STOP!! Chasing shiny objects.

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The shiny object syndrome affects everyone. We always want to learn what is the new way to make fast cash, the new way to grow an audience online, the new opportunity around that we forget of the things we posses currently. Shiny object syndrome in business is the  most prevalent and much experienced in our society today by our generation z millennial.

I can give a bit of my testimony of how the shiny object syndrome had affected me in the beginning stage in my network marketing career.

Last year, in the month of November, my cousin who I had recruited in my first month came to me and showed me a way of making money online by just liking some ads. I at first rejected his offer but i sought to taste the waters myself and gave it a shot. Damn I spent so much time hitting their targets and when I reached a 400$ (which apparently was the goal for a beginner) they told me to look for forty referrals then I can withdraw my money. I remember going home and looking for all types of phones, creating gmail accounts with them, asking people to give me their contacts and create email accounts with them, I was crazy. I had seen a way to make first cash and I thought I needed so much and easily at the beginning for I felt desperate.

I expressed shiny object syndrome symptoms  so  clearly that my mother started noticing I was losing weight and also lacking sleep. She started praying for me for my condition was worsening when I started feeling some pain in my stomach. An ulcer was forming.

Later on,after forgetting about the ad liking site, my business cross-line approached me with this new opportunity that had came up. Since the wait in our company   was long so he decided to go and find other opportunities out there. He found one with a cheaper starting capital and he grabbed the opportunity thinking that since I too had no results  I would be a potential down-line of his.  I ignored him though the way i ignored other opportunities that came up

My friend above had fallen into the murky waters and his chase had begun. I saw him later trying to sell clothes and other small business, which I am not sure if they worked. To me it never mattered. Entrepreneur shiny object syndrome do not promote growth in a business venture or any productive business activity because one becomes a rolling stone that gathers no moss.

STOP!! Running after shiny objects. Take that dull rock from the ground, refine it, pass it through fire and make gold out of it. Take your time, learn, don’t compete with anyone, don’t expect so much from the venture and the  shiny object syndrome  shall not take over your spirit, mind and body.

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