lion painting
Photo by Jakob on Pexels.com

We would love it so bad that the people that speak negative things to us to end. Unfortunately, that does no happen. In our quest for success we meet with many different people, some whom make it their priority to demoralize us, some  motivate us and some want to rule over our space. However, the fact remains that naysayers will never end in this world. They shall always exist in our lives whether we like it or not.

The lion has been tagged with so many titles, the king of the jungle, the most respected force in the wild and many more that humans have derived from their imaginations. But, once you get closer to the beast, you will realize some of the most peculiar of small animals that don’t consider this as titles to uphold. The fly, would keep shifting from one ear to the other ignoring all the efforts taken by the mighty lion to push it away. Sometimes the beast would even use its paws to threaten the small animals to go away but to no avail. Flies even nag the king of the jungle.

flies even nag the king of the jungle.

However, this does not deprive the lion of its dignity. it would stand, stretch then roar shaking the earth and the grasslands at large. Who awaits the bearer of such a roar? The animals scamper away as the king walks down his path. The females with reverence would bring the spoils of their game. Together they would feed as the man of the territory would eat to his fill before attending to the one on heat. Another generation is to be born to take up the mantle from the retiring. To this pride of lions, nothing matters other than waking up, sleeping , going for a hunt and living their lives till time catches up with them and dusk sets in their lives. To lions, what other animals do doesn’t matter. What they are engaged in is what matters.

In relation to this story we have to accept the fact that naysayers are just naysayers and they will never end in our lives. What we need to do is simple, believe in ourselves, hope for the best, dream big and live our lives. Forget about this other people who want to take advantage of our situations and demoralize us. Keep your head high, do not despair and be relentless. Life is about being courageous and not comparing yourself with others.

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