I believe

I believe

In the most bizarre of things

That though half-baked I seem, I will be well-heeled

And attainment of wealth is not  actuated by age

But rather by hard-work and determination


I believe

That bad times don’t last

Today it’s winter

Spring and summer are just in the offing

What lasts an eon

Is tough people who are few


I believe

Am bound for majesty

Naysayers and skeptics

Are noise-polluters and emotional contaminators

They deserve a middle finger and a serious ignoring

For in our journey to success

They form the pot-holes on our paved road


I believe

In the Almighty’s purpose for me

Promised me prosperity

Not failure or downfall

The ground he made so hard

But my mind he made so sharp

Gave me the muscle

To dig deep and retrieve the precious rock

Then gave me the art

To refine it into the priceless gold


I believe

In my ability

To find success

Whatever it will cost me

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