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am a victim of this predicament. not once nor twice have I almost fallen into the traps of losing hope in my dreams. I would be tripped by the many obstacles that come my  way but many times my intuition drives me towards a my designated destiny.

I love relating to network marketing because that’s where most of my challenges are based. I write my goals, I go to training, I try my best to get prospects to my presentations and try my best to sell the products but all seems vanity. I don’t know why I have been trying to find other ways of making money other than concentrating on one path? I feel embarrassed to sit behind the others as they presented the opportunity and as they handled their prospects and I had none and provided no value.  This shattered me and at one time was almost forcing me out of business. But I never lost hope, I continued the journey to success which was bright.

I knew what i was supposed to do. I had to drag myself up if i had to. I had to kick laziness out of my mind and also i had to be determined anyway. Results take time to mature. So I had to be patient or else I will lose out of many things. I knew whom I had to become to make my dreams a reality.

Never stop dreaming. keep the fire alive and God will bless you.

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