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We would love it so bad that the people that speak negative things to us to end. Unfortunately, that does no happen. In our quest for success we meet with many different people, some whom make it their priority to demoralize us, some  motivate us and some want to rule over our space. However, the fact remains that naysayers will never end in this world. They shall always exist in our lives whether we like it or not.

The lion has been tagged with so many titles, the king of the jungle, the most respected force in the wild and many more that humans have derived from their imaginations. But, once you get closer to the beast, you will realize some of the most peculiar of small animals that don’t consider this as titles to uphold. The fly, would keep shifting from one ear to the other ignoring all the efforts taken by the mighty lion to push it away. Sometimes the beast would even use its paws to threaten the small animals to go away but to no avail. Flies even nag the king of the jungle.

flies even nag the king of the jungle.

However, this does not deprive the lion of its dignity. it would stand, stretch then roar shaking the earth and the grasslands at large. Who awaits the bearer of such a roar? The animals scamper away as the king walks down his path. The females with reverence would bring the spoils of their game. Together they would feed as the man of the territory would eat to his fill before attending to the one on heat. Another generation is to be born to take up the mantle from the retiring. To this pride of lions, nothing matters other than waking up, sleeping , going for a hunt and living their lives till time catches up with them and dusk sets in their lives. To lions, what other animals do doesn’t matter. What they are engaged in is what matters.

In relation to this story we have to accept the fact that naysayers are just naysayers and they will never end in our lives. What we need to do is simple, believe in ourselves, hope for the best, dream big and live our lives. Forget about this other people who want to take advantage of our situations and demoralize us. Keep your head high, do not despair and be relentless. Life is about being courageous and not comparing yourself with others.

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I believe

I believe

In the most bizarre of things

That though half-baked I seem, I will be well-heeled

And attainment of wealth is not  actuated by age

But rather by hard-work and determination


I believe

That bad times don’t last

Today it’s winter

Spring and summer are just in the offing

What lasts an eon

Is tough people who are few


I believe

Am bound for majesty

Naysayers and skeptics

Are noise-polluters and emotional contaminators

They deserve a middle finger and a serious ignoring

For in our journey to success

They form the pot-holes on our paved road


I believe

In the Almighty’s purpose for me

Promised me prosperity

Not failure or downfall

The ground he made so hard

But my mind he made so sharp

Gave me the muscle

To dig deep and retrieve the precious rock

Then gave me the art

To refine it into the priceless gold


I believe

In my ability

To find success

Whatever it will cost me


For one to live a healthy life, one has to observe the right dietary habits that will enhance good health. Just like the body requires food, the mind too has to be fed with positive content to supplement its operation. Negativity will not only lead to the deterioration of morals, it will lead to subsequent mental death that is inevitable. Feeding your mind with the right content will lead to one getting better and better.

Just like the body requires food , the mind too has to be fed with positive content to supplement its operation.

What is the source of knowledge? Experience I ques or reading or observing. what is knowledge? I think its knowing something. According to the bible, the fear of the lord is the beginning of knowledge.

The fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom and understanding

Proverbs 9:10

According to my online research i have learnt some few sources of knowledge.

  • Perception — that which can be perceived through the experiences of the senses. The view that experience is the primary source of knowledge is called empiricism
  • Reason — Reason can be considered a source of knowledge, either by deducing truths from existing knowledge, or by learning things a priori, discovering necessary truths (such as mathematical truths) through pure reason. The view that reason is the primary source of knowledge is called rationalism.
  • Introspection — knowledge of one’s self that can be found through internal self-evaluation. This is generally considered to be a sort of perception. (For example, I know I am hungry or tired.)
  • Memory — Memory is the storage of knowledge that was learned in the past — whether it be past events or current information.
  • Testimony — Testimony relies on others to acquire knowledge and communicate it to us. Some deny that testimony can be a source of knowledge, and insist that beliefs gained through testimony must be verified in order to be knowledge.

Experience, reason, internal self evaluation, memory, external sources and the fear of the Lord, all this are the most viable and simple sources of positive ripples to surge through your mind. They say all the good things are free, I say that’s true.

Strive to fill your mind with the right content. Make yourself productive and don’t listen to negativity. Desire to be better and better everyday. It is the simple leaps you make today that will change your future.

Take action. habits lead to results.

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am a victim of this predicament. not once nor twice have I almost fallen into the traps of losing hope in my dreams. I would be tripped by the many obstacles that come my  way but many times my intuition drives me towards a my designated destiny.

I love relating to network marketing because that’s where most of my challenges are based. I write my goals, I go to training, I try my best to get prospects to my presentations and try my best to sell the products but all seems vanity. I don’t know why I have been trying to find other ways of making money other than concentrating on one path? I feel embarrassed to sit behind the others as they presented the opportunity and as they handled their prospects and I had none and provided no value.  This shattered me and at one time was almost forcing me out of business. But I never lost hope, I continued the journey to success which was bright.

I knew what i was supposed to do. I had to drag myself up if i had to. I had to kick laziness out of my mind and also i had to be determined anyway. Results take time to mature. So I had to be patient or else I will lose out of many things. I knew whom I had to become to make my dreams a reality.

Never stop dreaming. keep the fire alive and God will bless you.