How to increase you Instagram followers and likes using this simple insights I have learnt over time. Use them and have fun!!!!

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Instagam is just like any other social media platform where we share photos, videos, quotes and anything about our lives and make new acquaintances online. Just like any newbie that is not popular (more so the curves of a woman to flaunt), I have been suffering from a ‘nobody-following-me-few-people-liking-posts’ syndrome. This situation was depressing so I opted for Facebook and sometimes Twitter(which was not performing well too) to put a smile on my face. However, I figured out that online problems are solved online. So I started searching for ways to increase my followers and likes on Instagram for people like me without the characteristics mentioned above. It has been a week now since I started applying the few tricks I learnt and for sure with time they have provided me with results.Some of the steps you can take action with after reading this blog are:


By being active on the platform, you raise your visibility and that gives you an A as people will start noticing you and engaging with your content and profile more. This applies to all social media platforms. Being active means you are available to create more relationships and that makes it easy for other people to see you. So what doi mean by being active; post consistently, like other peoples posts, follow other people so that you may be followed and comment on other people’s posts. Easy.


hastags are the easiest way for new people to find you. use as many hastags as you could, the limit is thirty. Easy? Inorder not to make your caption area untidy, put some of the hashtags in your comment section.


For sure this is what is going to drive likes and follows your way. make sure the photos are clear and the background to be appealing. for this ladies know how to do it. though some men too can make the ladies to scream!!! haha.

Put this few insights into action lets meet on Instagram. Follow me @kamwarojeremy and let’s get rolling.

Don’t forget to comment if the tips have helped you or not. your feedback is important.



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