Awaken the lion

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“The lion is asleep!”


“Who said he is a dog?”


“The king has taken a nap!”


“Even he king breathes and bleeds

“Why cant he sleep too?”




“Noise awakens the king,

“Tip toe around his tail,

“When he awakens,

“His roar will shake the earth!”


“You lion awaken!

“The lion within me awaken!”



“The lion will roar!

“His claws I fear,

“Will tear me into shreds!”


“Awaken the lion,

“The lion within me awaken!

“Announce to theĀ  underlings,

“That I was just into slumber,

“Not dead to be ignored!”


“The lion has awakened!

“Let’s run to the sunset,

“He sees nothing in the night,

“Our salvation is the gloom!”

“Run! Away I say you run!

“To the sunset before he roars.”


“Fear no evil,

“Majestic lion,

“Your mane is enough for a crown.”

“Your time has come,

“To wake up sleeping lion.”