What do you loose by not giving in to the compliments of the naysayers?

My name is Jeremy Kamwaro by the way, am the proud author of the Living Beyond Naysayers blog and am really happy to be engaging you every week with my motivational content. Haha! I might have opted to be a preacher, maybe be a football(soccer) news blogger or maybe I would have gone to the marketing stuff which I really would love to do, or I would have written about lifestyle. however, I chose to inspire you my reader to, awaken your inner lion and stand out of the crowd as a winner whom you are. How does it feel when an email notification wakes you up early on a Friday morning to inspire you(for those on the eastern part of Africa with me) or startle you as you are taking dinner in that fine Thursday evening? How does it feel to be uplifted spiritually and emotionally? How does it feel?

Actually I chose this path for as any human being, I underwent so much psychologically after many of my friends seemed to ignore me, my colleagues saw me as another ‘quitter’, relationships never worked for me, my business was stuck, I had no money to cater for my needs and its after I engaged myself with cool motivational videos on Youtube that I was able to scale the horizons and see beyond my turmoil. Sometimes a helping hand can play the role of a messiah, and save us from destruction. I chose this path to empower that other person like me who goes through what i experienced.

Lets delve into the topic of today: what do you loose by not giving in to the compliments of he naysayers? My answer is nothing! Yes we loose nothing but gain something in the end. It’s simple, their RESPECT! we gain it and they got nothing to do about it but to bow to our resilience. I will quote a verse I came across in my pursuit for inner strength which states;

Don’t let the opinions of others define you.

Don’t let the doubts of others confine you.

You can be so much even than you suppose.

Micheal Josephson.

The opinions of others are obstacles and also huddles that if you are not cautious, they may either block you from reaching your destiny or trip you. You have to be creative and soldier on just as i did in the intense of such pressure.

Two and a half years ago, I was admitted to the University of Nairobi as an undergraduate to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Literature. I stayed in a hostel where we lived as many boys from different schools doing different courses and there was this particular group of students from a local popular private university that made my stay there a nightmare. They would either joke at how weird the term literature appeared or how easy my exams were that they would answer them with their eyes closed. I was devastated and broken by such sentiments. I even at one time wanted to drop those units and focus on a more ‘marketable’ course and raise my IQ levels a bit higher. A ‘friend’ advised me to choose economics which I promised i would do in the course of the day.

however, i pondered about that option. i thought about it and reality knocked. One, I was not good in mathematics, two, I was not in any way going to concentrate in those mathematics classes, and lastly, I was and still am a writer. Those three things made me brush off that idea and later in he day, i stalked my linguistics books back to my locker and watched disappointment written in the face of my pundit as if he had lost a battle.

You are the captain of your life. Don’t let others steer it for you

I decided to be deaf to their demoralizing words and two years and a half later, I am a blogger working on a novel I will release soon, a collection of poems and still, am a third year student still doing literature and linguistics. Had i listened to them, maybe today I wouldn’t have discovered how someone can be great by influencing his or her society using his or her writing.

As I conclude I would like to challenge you not to let dream poachers and naysayers snatch that you cherish and believe in away from you.

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