Tips to standing out of the crowd as a winner.


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers of our time, priding himself with four Ballon d’or titles per with his competitor for the past eight years, Lionel Messi. He attributes his work and great success to determination, discipline and consistency.

“You have to work and try to do it almost everyday. That,s why i have been at the top level for almost many years. it is not by coincidence, it is because i do it extra outside the pitch. ”

Cristiano Ronaldo

He is a celebrity and ironically the most criticized by the media and pundits. However,   he knows he is the best, he believes he is the best and he does not shy away from expressing that verbally without fear and favor.

“… I think so yes. in my mind am always the best, i dot care what the people are thinking or saying. in my mind this year and always i am the best.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

“Maybe sometimes, i agree, maybe i have a bad image on the pitch because i am serous, but if you really know m, if you are my friend, if you live inside my house, if you share a day with me. you will know that i hate to loose.”

He is a fighter, a man of high self esteem, a person who came from nowhere in the island of Funchal, Mediera in Portugal, rose through the greatest teams of our time, Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United and now Real Madrid, is truly incredible. He knows what he wants, fights for what he wants and truly results don’t lie.

Conor Macgrego fought his way to becoming the most sought after wrestler at the UFC. Not once have, people doubted the capabilities of the Irish man, laughing at him, mocking him. But did that stop him? No! He became at one time a double division holder after knocking out the ten year Featherwheight champion Jose Aldo. THOUGH THAT WAS NOT HOW THE JOURNEY WAS. He failed, many times,  getting beaten by Nate Diaz, but, he never doubted himself even when his fans doubted him. To him doubt was a motivation.

“Doubt motivates me.”

He is not daunted by the fact that people do talk, what matters is his love for the spot and the limits he wants to reach.

“this is what gives me energy, saying that am gonna do something, putting it out there, then going out and doing it. there is no better feeling than saying what you gonna do and going and doing it.”

                                                                                                 Conor Macgrego

He fought with the very much acclaimed boxer Floyd Maywheather for ten rounds and though he lost the match, he learnt something from it. Now Macrego is a living legend pursuing greater and greater  heights in his career.


What are some of the tips we have learn’t from this two gentlemen? let me list them down for you:

  • To be successful you need discipline, determination and consistency.
  • Proclaim to yourself you are the best, believe you are the best, in your mind see you are the best.
  • Failure is not an excuse for you to quit.
  • Believe in yourself when others don,t
  • Be passionate of what you are doing.

Success in any field requires your complete attention and requires nobody else only you.

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