The Les Brown story

He was born at a deplorable part of Miami Florida called Liberty City in an abandoned building with his twin brother Wesley Brown. At the age of six weeks he was adopted by Mamie Brown who worked as a domestic worker, cooking and washing clothes for people. Sometimes they ate leftovers from the generous families who told Mamie to take home whatever remained and give it to the children she had adopted.

At fifth grade he was identified educably mentally retarded and was taken back to fourth grade. This really affected his self esteem till one day an accidental experience gave his life a turn like no other.

He was waiting on a student in another class when a teacher told him to write whatever he was going to tell him on the board and his response was concerning to the teacher. He told the teacher that he could do it because he was educably mentally retarded. That made the teacher rise from his chair and tell him, “Don’t allow anyone’s opinion of you become your reality! ”

Mr Leroy Washington planted seeds in his mind, enabling him to dream and work on his dreams.

He is a famous motivator, having done this for so many years, at one time he was a disc jockey and also he is an established author with works like; Its Not Over Till You Win, Up Thoughts For Down Times, Live Your Dreams, to mention but a few. He is also a successful entrepreneur having done sales for a long time. He was a former television host and a member of the Ohio House of Representatives.

Success is a journey. It’s hard to believe it when a once adopted young boy, dreaming about buying his adoptive mother a big house, would one day present it to her in an emotional occasion. That pushes me to quote my other greatest mentor Napoleon Hill who says in his book Think And Grow Rich.

Truly, “Thoughts are things” and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence and a burning desire, for their translation into riches or other material objects.

He persistently worked on his dreams, did like he said, hungry for success and ultimately at the age of over seventy he would look back and relish at what he had accomplished. The uncertainties of a cooperate world without college training did not deter him from landing a job at a radio station at Miami Beach as one. The punishing work of door to door sales did not steal his desire of making a sele no matter the amount of rejection he underwent. He had no college education but he authored many books, spoke to kings and presidents inspiring and motivating them and much importantly became a legislature. I would quote his words

It’s not where you start it is where you are going

He also says that if you step on your fears and you continue to push yourself, something happens to you, it will enable you to trust in yourself. Failure does not determine your outcome in the end of a fight. He quotes Whinstone Churchill who says

Success going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm

Success as I conclude is not a destination it’s a journey. Did I tell you am in the network marketing profession? Yes I am and my favourite quote is as stated below;

In my pursuit for success I will say like Conor McGregor that even after I loose a fight, I don’t fail I learn.

Please share this blog to your contacts if it has touched your heart or intrigued you to push yourself to the limits you pursue.

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