Will the naysayers discourage or will they motivate you to push yourself further in the pursuit of your dreams?

Will the naysayers discourage or will they motivate you to push yourself further in the pursuit of your dreams? Its a simple question aye, isn’t it? The answer to this, as for me is that yes it can discourage one with a faint heart but, it can motivate another with a desire that cannot be lost just because of the presence of critics. Let me share a short story in relation to this topic. Back on December last year, my heart felt heavy every single morning of month for nothing was happening to my business and I had no results to show for the few months I was involved with the ‘business of the 21st century’ . I was depressed, I couldn’t sleep, food was becoming a challenge to eat, I wanted to quit on this ‘wealthy and healthy’ mission for it was becoming I challenge in itself not a solution. Abdominal pains started emanating and I could conceal my anguish no more. My mother became concerned about this issue. She started praying for me, she even at one time interceded for me with God, to help in in my journey in the world of hustle. Did her prayers work? For sure they did. How? I no longer set dates on my diary of the day I would break even. People begun to speak for sure. Many are the times I found myself defending my business with tears playing at the brim of my eyelids for though I was trying to show strength externally, internally I was devastated and broken. Their critics and backbiting that caught my ears made me feel a loser. I remember how I would try to push away the thoughts of becoming successful via this ‘way’ by engaging in empty conversations with my miserable cronies, watching crazy movies the whole day, listening to blaring music like a maniac, but all my efforts grew futile. Every morning I woke to the thought of building a successful team, making money networking and bringing health to the doorsteps of my people at the village. This was my destiny, i had to live in my new reality. Automatically I started researching online on how to grow the same online. I grew deaf to naysayers and critics. I stopped living in their set timeline and started enjoying the process of becoming a success story. In my recollection, my dreams were rekindled. At long last, in the end of a tunnel I saw light and experienced its warmth as I walked nearer and nearer. Ultimately I felt excited of the possibility of becoming the ‘who i wanted to become’ not the ‘who they expected me to be’. Naysayers no longer became an obstacle, they became a fuel supercharging my desire to be better and better.

“Ultimately I felt excited of the possibility of becoming the ‘who i wanted to become’ not the ‘who they expected me to be’. Naysayers no longer became an obstacle, they became a fuel supercharging my desire to be better and better.”

So, at first I was falling into the traps of my naysayers. Then, later i realized that critics are part of the journey. They make the grind a little bit more exciting. I would even quote the words of Taraji P. Henson who said:

“If you listen to people and if you allow people to project their fears into you, you won’t live.

The fear of living beyond your critics and naysayers, friends is what is making people not move beyond their comfort zones and risk being self employed, self reliant and basically free from the pressure of being in charge of your life. Tell me, how many people in our current world are suffering from this condition? How many people out there don’t want to face the unknown and be bold enough and stand on their two feet and be exceptional just because the dogs will yelp? I know it’s not one or two or three, but almost 75% of the human race is in this category. The remaining 15% are the mentors, the untouchables, the great ones who dared dream, went through the trouble of chasing that dream and eventually lived that dream. Naysayers, to me, should not stop you, but should be the fuel to turn you into a rocket heading for space, success, the destiny.

Naysayers, to me, should not stop you, but should be the fuel to turn you into a rocket heading for space, success, the destiny.

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What do you loose by not giving in to the compliments of the naysayers?

My name is Jeremy Kamwaro by the way, am the proud author of the Living Beyond Naysayers blog and am really happy to be engaging you every week with my motivational content. Haha! I might have opted to be a preacher, maybe be a football(soccer) news blogger or maybe I would have gone to the marketing stuff which I really would love to do, or I would have written about lifestyle. however, I chose to inspire you my reader to, awaken your inner lion and stand out of the crowd as a winner whom you are. How does it feel when an email notification wakes you up early on a Friday morning to inspire you(for those on the eastern part of Africa with me) or startle you as you are taking dinner in that fine Thursday evening? How does it feel to be uplifted spiritually and emotionally? How does it feel?

Actually I chose this path for as any human being, I underwent so much psychologically after many of my friends seemed to ignore me, my colleagues saw me as another ‘quitter’, relationships never worked for me, my business was stuck, I had no money to cater for my needs and its after I engaged myself with cool motivational videos on Youtube that I was able to scale the horizons and see beyond my turmoil. Sometimes a helping hand can play the role of a messiah, and save us from destruction. I chose this path to empower that other person like me who goes through what i experienced.

Lets delve into the topic of today: what do you loose by not giving in to the compliments of he naysayers? My answer is nothing! Yes we loose nothing but gain something in the end. It’s simple, their RESPECT! we gain it and they got nothing to do about it but to bow to our resilience. I will quote a verse I came across in my pursuit for inner strength which states;

Don’t let the opinions of others define you.

Don’t let the doubts of others confine you.

You can be so much even than you suppose.

Micheal Josephson.

The opinions of others are obstacles and also huddles that if you are not cautious, they may either block you from reaching your destiny or trip you. You have to be creative and soldier on just as i did in the intense of such pressure.

Two and a half years ago, I was admitted to the University of Nairobi as an undergraduate to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Literature. I stayed in a hostel where we lived as many boys from different schools doing different courses and there was this particular group of students from a local popular private university that made my stay there a nightmare. They would either joke at how weird the term literature appeared or how easy my exams were that they would answer them with their eyes closed. I was devastated and broken by such sentiments. I even at one time wanted to drop those units and focus on a more ‘marketable’ course and raise my IQ levels a bit higher. A ‘friend’ advised me to choose economics which I promised i would do in the course of the day.

however, i pondered about that option. i thought about it and reality knocked. One, I was not good in mathematics, two, I was not in any way going to concentrate in those mathematics classes, and lastly, I was and still am a writer. Those three things made me brush off that idea and later in he day, i stalked my linguistics books back to my locker and watched disappointment written in the face of my pundit as if he had lost a battle.

You are the captain of your life. Don’t let others steer it for you

I decided to be deaf to their demoralizing words and two years and a half later, I am a blogger working on a novel I will release soon, a collection of poems and still, am a third year student still doing literature and linguistics. Had i listened to them, maybe today I wouldn’t have discovered how someone can be great by influencing his or her society using his or her writing.

As I conclude I would like to challenge you not to let dream poachers and naysayers snatch that you cherish and believe in away from you.

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Tips to standing out of the crowd as a winner.


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers of our time, priding himself with four Ballon d’or titles per with his competitor for the past eight years, Lionel Messi. He attributes his work and great success to determination, discipline and consistency.

“You have to work and try to do it almost everyday. That,s why i have been at the top level for almost many years. it is not by coincidence, it is because i do it extra outside the pitch. ”

Cristiano Ronaldo

He is a celebrity and ironically the most criticized by the media and pundits. However,   he knows he is the best, he believes he is the best and he does not shy away from expressing that verbally without fear and favor.

“… I think so yes. in my mind am always the best, i dot care what the people are thinking or saying. in my mind this year and always i am the best.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

“Maybe sometimes, i agree, maybe i have a bad image on the pitch because i am serous, but if you really know m, if you are my friend, if you live inside my house, if you share a day with me. you will know that i hate to loose.”

He is a fighter, a man of high self esteem, a person who came from nowhere in the island of Funchal, Mediera in Portugal, rose through the greatest teams of our time, Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United and now Real Madrid, is truly incredible. He knows what he wants, fights for what he wants and truly results don’t lie.

Conor Macgrego fought his way to becoming the most sought after wrestler at the UFC. Not once have, people doubted the capabilities of the Irish man, laughing at him, mocking him. But did that stop him? No! He became at one time a double division holder after knocking out the ten year Featherwheight champion Jose Aldo. THOUGH THAT WAS NOT HOW THE JOURNEY WAS. He failed, many times,  getting beaten by Nate Diaz, but, he never doubted himself even when his fans doubted him. To him doubt was a motivation.

“Doubt motivates me.”

He is not daunted by the fact that people do talk, what matters is his love for the spot and the limits he wants to reach.

“this is what gives me energy, saying that am gonna do something, putting it out there, then going out and doing it. there is no better feeling than saying what you gonna do and going and doing it.”

                                                                                                 Conor Macgrego

He fought with the very much acclaimed boxer Floyd Maywheather for ten rounds and though he lost the match, he learnt something from it. Now Macrego is a living legend pursuing greater and greater  heights in his career.


What are some of the tips we have learn’t from this two gentlemen? let me list them down for you:

  • To be successful you need discipline, determination and consistency.
  • Proclaim to yourself you are the best, believe you are the best, in your mind see you are the best.
  • Failure is not an excuse for you to quit.
  • Believe in yourself when others don,t
  • Be passionate of what you are doing.

Success in any field requires your complete attention and requires nobody else only you.

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In the begging God created the universe from nothingness. It is written in the book of Genesis 1:1-2

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

He modelled the world from nothing, just from his thoughts and all he had to do was speak existence into an empty expanse and alas! Human life, animals, light, a sky over it, the heavenly bodies, all this creations became physical entities in a new universe. Today, I was not in the intention of speaking about how the world was made but I wanted to share an idea that has been revolving in my mind for quite sometime now, to inspire you my reader and make you understand the power of having faith, believing in a power beyond us, believing in the existence of a being beyond our understanding that is watching our activities on the world and much importantly how this belief can really help you into becoming that person you always dream of.

First and foremost, let me be open about my faith. I am a Christian, I believe in the existence of God, I believe that at one time Jesus Christ walked on earth and was crucified to save me from sin, I believe in the Holy Spirit, I believe in the Bible and lastly I accept I am not perfect and thou shall not judge a brother or a sister for not sharing in my belief because that power my God reserved it for themselves. So if you my reader don’t accept the above sentiments, you have the freedom to believe what your heart desires.

The Bible is a very comprehensive point of reference when it comes to the search of enlightenment. I have formed a habit of reading a verse on the daily and it has really helped me in my understanding of the how God works in our spirits, how he moves in us, making us not only revere him but connect with his teachings and how they are relevant into our lives. To be honest, many are times I become distracted and not contemplate on what am reading but the few that I put my hands on stick on the back of my mind and I slowly the true nature of My Father who at in heaven unravels itself to me.

So, faith! What is faith? It can be described as the complete confidence in someone or something; that’s the first definition. The second definition I got from my Google Search of the word is, strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction, rather than proof. For this material brothers and sisters I would want us to go with the first definition as it gives us a universal outlook of the word. I want to warn you before hand that to explain my ideas I would occasionally quote texts from the Bible, relate my story to men and women who through faith did incredible things and sometimes would share with you instances that Jesus rebuked the disciples for lacking this quality that he wanted the to have, if time allows us I will share a bit of myself and my journey as a believer, all I hope is that through these stories my friends you will find something to apply in your life.

Abraham, formerly Abram was the son of Torah. Obviously to the Christians and Muslims Abraham is one of the greatest names for it was through him that this two religions came into existence. So much content has been written especially in the bible to narrate the life and tribulations of our great ancestor. He was married to Sarah, formerly Sarai and together they grew to raise a great nation. As Christians believe, we are all descendants of Abraham and his wife Sarah. It is later explained in the Bible how his tree went on expanding and what God had promised him before in Genesis 12:2

I will make you a great nation and I will bless you. I will make your name great and your will be a blessing.

Also we see in Genesis 15:5 after Abraham complaining of not having an heir to inherit his estates, God took him a outside and said to him

look up in the sky and count the stars if indeed you can count them.

So shall your offspring be.

Did God deliver these promises? Did Abraham’s patience and faith in the Lord pay off? For sure they did. His first offspring was Ishmael Ho was born to a maidservant of Sarah called Haggai. The story is written in Genesis 16 and Abraham eighty six years old then. His wife Sarah was barren it was at the mysterious age of a hundred years. We see through this reference that God delivers on his promises as we are going to relate it to Genesis 21:2

Sarah became pregnant and bore a son to Abraham at an old age, at the very time God had promised him.

It doesn’t matter the time God takes to fulfil his promises, in the end of the day he will deliver.

Have you ever heard the story of the woman who bled for 12 years? 12 years! BLEEDING! That’s a whole lot of time. It is documented in the Bible in Matthew 9:20-22

just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the hem of his cloak. She said to herself, “if only I will touch his cloak I will be healed.

And this is how Jesus responded to that act of faith in verse 22 of the same chapter,

Jesus turned and saw her. “take heart daughter, ” he said, “your faith has healed you.” and the woman was healed at that moment.

if faith can make this kind of wanders to happen my friends what can’t faith do? As I was growing up at primary school as we call the lower levels of education here in Kenya, the phrase faith can move mountains was many times used to motivate is to believe we could pass exams. I think if you have faith enough, this can happen as you will equip yourself with the necessary tools and skills and a mountain you will move.

The lack of faith in any instance is the same as an insult to man. Jesus was infuriated by his disciples’ lack of faith at several occasions that he openly rebuked them to remove this negative seed from their minds. One of the instances is when he did this as stated in the verse below

<a class="verse-dropdown" href="https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/Matthew/8/26&quot; data-cont="Tools

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He said to them, “Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?” Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and it became calm.

It was during a storm on lake Galilee and the disciples feared for their lives and they had Jesus Christ the son of God on the same boat with them.

Faith is a driving force of achievement and growth in life, business and in things you want in life. Contemplate on that till we meet next time.

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The Les Brown story

He was born at a deplorable part of Miami Florida called Liberty City in an abandoned building with his twin brother Wesley Brown. At the age of six weeks he was adopted by Mamie Brown who worked as a domestic worker, cooking and washing clothes for people. Sometimes they ate leftovers from the generous families who told Mamie to take home whatever remained and give it to the children she had adopted.

At fifth grade he was identified educably mentally retarded and was taken back to fourth grade. This really affected his self esteem till one day an accidental experience gave his life a turn like no other.

He was waiting on a student in another class when a teacher told him to write whatever he was going to tell him on the board and his response was concerning to the teacher. He told the teacher that he could do it because he was educably mentally retarded. That made the teacher rise from his chair and tell him, “Don’t allow anyone’s opinion of you become your reality! ”

Mr Leroy Washington planted seeds in his mind, enabling him to dream and work on his dreams.

He is a famous motivator, having done this for so many years, at one time he was a disc jockey and also he is an established author with works like; Its Not Over Till You Win, Up Thoughts For Down Times, Live Your Dreams, to mention but a few. He is also a successful entrepreneur having done sales for a long time. He was a former television host and a member of the Ohio House of Representatives.

Success is a journey. It’s hard to believe it when a once adopted young boy, dreaming about buying his adoptive mother a big house, would one day present it to her in an emotional occasion. That pushes me to quote my other greatest mentor Napoleon Hill who says in his book Think And Grow Rich.

Truly, “Thoughts are things” and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence and a burning desire, for their translation into riches or other material objects.

He persistently worked on his dreams, did like he said, hungry for success and ultimately at the age of over seventy he would look back and relish at what he had accomplished. The uncertainties of a cooperate world without college training did not deter him from landing a job at a radio station at Miami Beach as one. The punishing work of door to door sales did not steal his desire of making a sele no matter the amount of rejection he underwent. He had no college education but he authored many books, spoke to kings and presidents inspiring and motivating them and much importantly became a legislature. I would quote his words

It’s not where you start it is where you are going

He also says that if you step on your fears and you continue to push yourself, something happens to you, it will enable you to trust in yourself. Failure does not determine your outcome in the end of a fight. He quotes Whinstone Churchill who says

Success going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm

Success as I conclude is not a destination it’s a journey. Did I tell you am in the network marketing profession? Yes I am and my favourite quote is as stated below;

In my pursuit for success I will say like Conor McGregor that even after I loose a fight, I don’t fail I learn.

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