Lessons from Les Brown on the topic of ‘Being Hungry’. Part one: Empower yourself.

Being the dumb twin to his brother, Lesly Brown had a rough childhood characterized by moments of lack of self belief and esteem. One experience with a teacher changed his life forever. Due to time,I will share his story later in my next blog. Les brown teaches us that if you want something from life, its challenging, it is not gonna be easy. You have to roll your sleeves and get to work. Its clear that  you will not have a problem free time in you life. Challenges and bad times are part of the process of getting where you wanna go. They are the things that strengthen us into becoming fully formed beings. So according to our mentor, if you want to be successful in life what do you have to do? you got to be hungry!

Here i will show you some of the qualities of hungry people:

1)You got to work on yourself.

We get sidetracked by secondary activities that we don’t get time to work on ourselves. We need to decide and create time to work  on ourselves. We can do this by realizing  that we are the stars in our story and it is us who determine if it will be a smart office hit or a flop. We also have to overcome the negative thoughts that go through our minds as they weaken us.

Part of learning how to empower ourselves is by;

a) You got to stand up to yourself and motivate yourself. say to your negative thoughts, “Shut up! You got to do this.”

b)In order to reach your goals you got to convince yourself everyday.

The humorous part of empowering yourself is that you can learn all the techniques in life but if you don’t believe in yourself, it wont happen to you. You need to focus on the seller, that is you, convince and motivate yourself everyday. It is only by doing so you will start seeing a difference in your life.

Please share this blog to motivate and educate more people.






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