Business World weekly Review: Introduction; entrepreneurship is key to our lives in the 21st century.

The world is moving first and entrepreneurship is the solution to the world mysteries. Almost every invention that human beings create is based on its marketability. I am not a business expert but i am  an observer. The world is transforming technologically and the world that our fore fathers lived in those day is not the world we live in today. Introduction of smartphones, laptops, tablets and many more technological innovations has boosted communication and how people interact with each other. Human Interaction has been reduced to apps in our handsets and communication can move faster now compared to those days our parents were our age.

my name is Jeremy Kamwaro the author of Business For Us and an entrepreneur in the network marketing industry. i will be taking you through a weekly review of the business world every Thursday same place same time. We will be talking about the great innovations and business ideas that have taken place every week. And also we will be highlighting some of the worldly challenges that entrepreneurship can tackle. FEEL FREE to subscribe via email to get a weekly update of our blog. and also share this blog after reading and lets get the word out there that entrepreneurship is the solution to the worlds greatest perils.

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