INSPIRATIONAL MONDAY: What you need to know about yourself.

Once I was a young boy just fresh from high school, broke and really confused not knowing what to expect from the life out there. My father was waiting for me back home for he was the one herding his sheep and he really needed a hand for that task and I was the only qualified candidate. It was an interesting job but man you had to stand the whole day and watch the livestock feed and do nothing else and that really bored me sometimes. Especially during the rainy days and all you could think about is, ‘When is it going to rain harder so that I find myself in front of that fire and dry as I down a cup of tea and munch at anything that was cooked for lunch?” The thought of going to become a shepherd made me desire to go back and restart my secondary schooling.

However I had no choice but get out of my brother’s house the following day, mount the only bus heading for home and start a life away from the school system. I did herd for three months that was from November fifteenth 2014 to almost the beginning of March 2015. It was a long challenging period but I came through it at last when the whole flock of sheep was sold and I stood at our metal gate hands akimbo wondering what to do next.

I wanted money to cater for my small demands so I sat in my room and thought of what I will do to create an income stream for myself. I pondered about  many things from, becoming a teacher in the local private primary schools, start a business or farm. I weighed my options and decided to get out and walk towards the river that was situated at the lower side of my father’s ten-acre piece of land. It was while I was deep in thoughts that i saw some potatoes, mature enough to be planted poured under a tree, and a small strip of land left a just there for the taking. To be sincere my mind started racing and I decided to approach my mother who gave me what I wanted without question. She fitted into my shoes and the following day even before informing my dad I started tilling the land in preparation for sowing.

I was an amateur and I had never farmed before. Funny that my father has been  farmer besides being a clergy man of a high rank in his church and he had never involved me in farming to help me in becoming experienced in the field. I just started the journey using the knowledge I gained by watching others do it and after four months I made my first income as a farmer. I harvested four sacks of potatoes and made KSH 8000 which I spent responsibly. I was happy at least I had made value of my time.

So what is it that you have to know about yourself from that story? 

I was trying to show that you are the solution to your own perils and problems. Nobody is going to save rather it is you to see what you are going through and face through your challenges. I did solve my money problem then and it really helped me in my personal development for I grew up into becoming a better responsible person in the coming days. Once you get deep inside yourself in that moment of helplessness, I know that you will find a solution to your peril. You are the soldier to fight your battles! bottom line.

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