when you are about to give up. #2 Remember the dreams you have to accomplish.

When you are about to give up. #1 Remember your ‘WHY’. Yeah that is the first fundamental principle you have to remember. Also it is important to remember that you got this amazing dreams that you want to achieve in life and they are the pinnacles that hold you to do all you can to be successful in life. Every great individual in every field inspires us to dream big and become limitless by not settling for less. Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Silvester Stallon, Eric Worre, Cristiano Ronaldo, name them, they all had dreams and it is those dreams that get them off their blankets in the morning to pursue. It is ingrained in their minds that in order to be successful you have to dream big and act big.

I am a networking entrepreneur and I love sharing my story in the context of my Profession. when I started my business a while back, my up-line made me write down my dreams on a piece of paper and meditate about them. Yeah I had big dreams before network marketing and I followed the unprecedented law of the Bible of confessing my dreams to the world which I did with so much passion. I had faith I will realize the dreams and nothing and no one would tell me different. Oh! Yes I wanted that lifestyle, the kind I watched people in music videos and movies living. Posh cars, beautiful homes, expensive clothes and shoes and many more things that a luxurious life would offer. I still do desire this things but currently am enjoying the process of making things happen.  You have to make things happen in the end of the day or dreams will just be dreams.

So i went to my laptop, got into Microsoft Powerpoint and did this amazing presentation of me and what i wanted and saved it. That was my dream board and I felt reassured that having a mentality that I will become successful will drive results straight to me. First month, second month, third month, fourth month, no results! I felt like letting go of this vague reality I had created  and go back to the simple life I was living as a student. I would tell myself OF how I will study, find a job and live like every other individual in the free world. However I couldn’t do that. Something kept tagging me to keep fighting, to keep pushing, to keep on walking for there was hope in the end of the tunnel for me.

That thing that kept me moving was my dreams. Your dreams will give you a purpose. believe in them, get involved in massive action and I promise you you will be limitless.


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