implore the inner you


The most fundamental aspect towards achieving success in any field is winning the inner battles within you. Your greatest enemy is you and you are the only one who will prevent yourself from achieving your goals and becoming that better person. Implore the inner you and nothing will stop you from getting where you are going.

I remember, one week into the network marketing business, I felt like giving up. They had promised me riches, more money, a good life, financial freedom, time freedom and may more promises, I tell you after I got out of that presentation I was fired up and all I wanted to do is join the opportunity. Four months later I did do join the company and bam! Reality knocks and I realize that there is nothing like quick wealth, there is work to be done.

All i wanted to do is quit. One day after a long afternoon of contemplation I walked out of the training center and convinced myself that this was not the only channel through which I could make it. there are so many ways to kill a rat, I would say and as I walked through Kimathi streeet( a street in Nairobi Kenya) I remember saying, ‘Oh! i wanted to be a writer anyway so if this does not work for me then God will bless my art.’ I tell you I was broken, I saw no hope in this so called opportunity, I just wanted to do away with it. However, something kept me going, and that was my inner self.

Outside I appeared broken and lost but inside I knew I could not bear to stand up the embarrassment of loosing a battle. This was a test, something told me. I remember one evening I was chatting with a classmate of how after school I would establish a ranch from scratch and how I will be successful in future, living the lifestyle of my dreams.I told her so many things and when a small business opportunity came my way i was almost giving up on the first day. was I for real?!

When things get tough and the only feeling you have is to give up and quit, implore the inner self to inspire you to keep on the journey. It is only you that can save you from a fatal fall.

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