The way I lost the ‘excitement’

I was introduced to network marketing a while back and I was really excited about what it would do to my life. I wanted money for sure I needed it, but I got no way of generating some. When this lady popped the idea of being a sole entrepreneur and making it big in the system I was overwhelmed and mesmerized all the same. This deal seemed to good to be true! Had I the money at that moment men I would have joined without further a do.

However I had none, four months of consistent followup made a change in my thinking and I had to look for the start-up capital and kick start my journey to success. After four months I got the money and an excited gentleman got a horror he didn’t expect! Wow, it all started with the first month me signing up one dude into my system, I made 4100 Kenyan shillings, the last I would make in five months. Then I had to battle with emotions, I wanted to quit, I wanted to stop doing this trade, I wanted to go back to my quiet life, but I had invested some money!

That kept me going but I had lost my excitement anyway, I had lost it. Today am in my journey to reclaim that excitement and make a living as an entrepreneur or I become another loser that couldn’t keep up with the challenge.

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